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Grails World Tour in May!

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Last week I attended the excellent inaugural gr8 in the US in Minneapolis (look for a review in the May edition of GroovyMag). This week I’m back in MN presenting at a ColdFusion conference on agile development and productive work practices.

in May, my Grails world tour begins! First stop, a presentation for the Sydney Groovy group on Tuesday May 4th while I’m down to present at WebDU. The week after I’ll be presenting in New York on Tuesday May 11th, and the week after I’ll hopefully be either attending or presenting at the London Groovy/Grails Usergroup – probably on Monday 17th.  I’ll be presenting on DSL design and the Eclipse Modeling Framework that week at the British Computer Society Software Practices Advancement conference, before flying off for a day to the awesome Gr8 conference in Copenhagen (I’d love to attend both days, but am presenting at SPA on the Wednesday in London). Then back to London for another ColdFusion conference presentation (I love *all* dynamic languages on the JVM!) before returning briefly to chillax in New York (my home base) for a while. Back to the UK in June to present on Spring Roo at Code Generation 2010.

I’ve been doing work on domain specific modeling, DSL’s and software product lines for a while, but I’m really excited to finally be porting a lot of my SPL functionality on to the Grails framework. It’s an excellent stack with a really exciting community and I can’t wait to meet more Groovy and Grails developers around the world in the next few weeks. So, if you’re in Sydney, New York or London (or are going to, please say “hi” to the slightly jetlagged guy with a strange English/US accent – I’d love to learn from you all!

As to the preso’s, I’m focusing on practical DSL design. Guillaume Laforge does a great job of presenting on the syntax of DSLs, but there are a bunch of other issues to consider when designing, developing, testing, maintaining and evolving DSLs and I’m looking forward to presenting more information on that as it relates to Groovy and Grails as I continue to get more familiar with the stack.

(Hopefully) see you somewhere!


Written by peterbell

April 21, 2010 at 7:16 pm

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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing you again in Copenhagen, and to learn more about the other considerations on DSLs (testing, maintaining, evolving) and how I could complement my presentation on the topic with such aspects.

    Guillaume Laforge

    April 22, 2010 at 2:24 am

    • Hi Guillaume,

      Also looking forward to seeing you again in Copenhagen. The difficulty with dsm is that there is just so much content, but I’m doing a series of articles on DSLs for InfoQ (the first was on DSL evolution – and I owe one on DSL testing) and I’m trying to summarize some of the key points for audiences who have perhaps done a little with DSLs but don’t have a formal DSM background relating to the issues that arise when you end up with large numbers of models in a DSL and a long lived, evolving DSL environment. Many of the topics, I’d love your input on as I am sure there could be some elegant approach to DSL evolution for internal DSLs that I’d love to be able to describe in the presentation as it grows and improves.

      Anyway, looking forward to seeing you in Copenhagen, and to promoting the amazing features of the Groovy language for working with internal and external DSLs.


      April 22, 2010 at 6:08 am

  2. […] I decided to go to gr8 in the US, am presenting on DSLs in Sydney, New York and (hopefully) London this month, and will be attending gr8 in Copenhagen next month (even though I can only manage a day as […]

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