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London Groovy DSL Presentation Confirmed 17-5

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I’ve just heard from Peter Ledbrook that I’ll be presenting at the London Groovy/Grails Usergroup on Monday May 17th at 18:30 at Skillsmatter: The Skills Matter eXchange, 116-120 Goswell Road, London, EC1V 7DP.

Peter Ledbrook will also be giving a presentation on the upcoming features in 1.3, so I’m looking forward to catching that!

Looking forward to meeting old friends and new in the Groovy/Grails community in London. And if you’re interested in DSLs even if you don’t do a lot of work in Groovy, come along and check out the preso – it’s relevant for anyone interesting in adding DSLs to the mix of techniques they use when developing apps.

Here’s the summary:

What are some practical uses for Domain Specific Languages? And how do you go about designing DSLs, implementing them in Groovy, creating tests for your models and evolving the structure of the languages over time? In this fast paced session we’ll look at a real world Groovy DSL, how it was designed and implemented, the testing strategies employed and the options for evolving the structure (grammar) of the DSL. If you’ve built DSLs but want to go further, or if you’ve still not figured out how a DSL might help you to build better, more maintainable apps more quickly and easily, come along and learn more about creating practical, maintainable DSLs for your projects.

It is based on a talk I recently gave in Sydney and will be presenting in New York next week. Hopefully I’ll see you in London!

Update: registration now available . . .


Written by peterbell

May 5, 2010 at 9:24 pm

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  1. […] on the practical development of a Groovy DSL with emphasis on the practical side. As he says on his blog, this is for both people that want to go further with DSL development and those that simply would […]

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