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Practical DSL Design in Groovy – Sydney Slides

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Here are the slides from last nights presentation to the Sydney Java Users Group. Many thanks to Dushan Hanuska for helping to make the event happen, Brendan Humphreys for organizing the event and to Atlassian for hosting it and providing beer and pizza at their great offices in downtown Sydney!

It was the first time I had given the presentation, but despite rewriting it about 4 hours before the presentation and jetlag (I’d just landed in Sydney from New York that morning) the presentation was well received. The goal of the presentation was to put context around the process of working with internal DSLs by examining the uses for DSLs, approaches to designing of DSLs, the differences between internal and external DSLs and lifecycle concerns such as testing and evolution. I think it provided a good introduction to the material.

For the next presentation, I want to add a little more detail on good language design choices, testing and evolution and I’d also like to add an end to end example I can evolve and a little more coverage of the language features available in Groovy for implementing internal DSLs, but I feel like it was a good first shot at presenting the material. DSLs/DSM is a huge topic and it’s always difficult to figure out exactly what material will help people to do the best job of designing DSLs and to fit it into a one hour slot.

Thanks for everyone who came and supported the event. Particular thanks to Paul King who flew down from Brisbane. He also kindly shared a bunch of ideas based on his DSL Groovy presentations that I look forward to incorporating into the next cut of this preso.  I enjoyed a great evening discussing everything from DSL design through GPars to ideas on new features for 1.8 and beyond – it was great to spend some more time with one of the team that provide us with such a cool language to work with!


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May 5, 2010 at 3:10 am

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