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OK, now that I seem to be using this blog for real and on a regular basis, it’s time to simplify the domain name. Instead of (which still works), you can now just get to the blog by going to

In the next couple of months expect a series of postings regarding Domain Specific Languages in Groovy. They’ll be designed to flesh out the three article series I’ll be writing for GroovyMag. Also expect various postings on Groovy and Grails development, from simple tips and techniques to some funky ANTLR preprocessing stuff and some explorations of AST transformations in Groovy 1.7. I’ll probably also include ancillary technologies like some advanced thoughts on using git and my experiences working with Hudson for CI with Grails projects.

Oh, and there will also be some stuff on Gaelyk – really looking forward to playing with that.

So keep an eye on – or just watch for the aggregated posts at the awesome – that’s where I follow all of my favorite Groovy/Grails blogs.


Written by peterbell

May 12, 2010 at 4:46 pm

Posted in Grails, Groovy

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