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Practical DSLs in Groovy Deck from New York Presentation

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Had a great time presenting at last nights Grails meetup in New York. Lots of great feedback! A smart engaged audience made sure that we discussed everything from Software Product Lines to xText to uses for Visual modeling techniques and whether using the term “language” made it harder to sell fluent API’s.

I’ve reworked the deck a lot from the Sydney presentation, with some more examples and a sense of flowing from an API through internal DSLs to various external DSL approaches if and when they make sense. I also briefly covered a wider range of additional considerations – discussing briefly documentation, error handling and IDE support for your DSLs as well as testing and evolution. I also made it clearer that it wasn’t primarily a presentation on the details of getting rid of parentheses and commas to increase semantic density in Groovy as Guillaume Laforge has already nailed that material. This is really a focus on the wider engineering concepts that arise when designing and developing DSLs.

I’m liking the presentation now, although I think I *will* add a couple more slides with examples round the syntax as I found myself talking about things like categories and ExpandoMetaClasses and even the ANTLR preprocessing hooks and a slide or two would probably have helped comprehensibility – especially as I was just shooting through the syntactic materially really quickly.

I just wanted to thank everyone for coming out and in particular Mark Pollack for arranging the location, food and beer and actively participating in a meetup about a technology he doesn’t get to actively develop in!

Here’s the deck.

On another note, we’re looking to put together another meetup next month. If anyone has any ideas on a topic they’d like to see covered or would like to present on, suggest a topic!


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May 12, 2010 at 12:19 pm

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NYC Groovy/Grails Meetup Presentation

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On Tuesday of this week I gave a short presentation to the New York Groovy/Grails Meetup, summarizing some of the content from the Gr8 conference earlier this year in Copenhagen. Numan Salati then gave a great presentation looking at various metaprogramming techniques in Groovy and Grails. The slides are now available online.

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June 11, 2009 at 5:03 pm

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Inaugural Groovy/Grails Meetup in NYC Last Night

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I just wanted to thank Jean Barmash for doing a great job of organizing a Groovy/Grails meetup in New York. The inaugural meeting was last night at New Work City, an open plan co-working space in SoHo (thanks for having us guys!).

The meeting started with brief introductions by everyone (there were just under 20 attendees) and then Jean did a simple Grails app showing the core domain model and controller concepts and providing an introduction to the built in testing features. He then provided a run through of the latest Grails 1.1 and Groovy 1.6 enhancements and we ended up with a littleĀ  bit of networking before drifting away.

He also gathered a number of possible topics, but if you’re interested in presenting, you should contact Jean with your ideas. The experience level of the participants was fairly broad, so I think the introductory content was perfect, and I’m looking forward to some meatier content down the line.

It was also just great to find a bunch of smart people who’re working with Groovy and Grails. I’ve got a feeling that in 18 months the group is going to be a lot bigger than we can envision today.

Thanks to everyone who attended and to Jean for organizing the meetup. Looking forward to Aprils meetup!

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March 26, 2009 at 2:37 pm

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